Workshop on the Development of Healthy and Innovative School Canteen

A school has the oblication to provide a canteen with safe, healthy, and nutritious food. Cooperation and support from various parties such as parents, school committees, and canteen managers are necessary to ensure the development of the canteen. Yayasan Karmel, in collaboration with Archipelago Scholar, conducted a workshop on the Development of Healthy and Innovative School Canteen on Saturday, February 29, 2020. This workshop served as a follow-up of the assessment of five elementary school canteens in Banyuwangi that was held in 2019.

This activity was attended by the school principals, the committee representatives, the treasurers and the canteen managers from SDK Bhakti Rogojampi, SDK Budi Luhur Glenmore, SDK Pembina Genteng, SDK Santo Ignatius Muncar. In addition, representatives from the kindergarten and the junior high school (TKK Genteng and SMPK Santa Maria Genteng) also participated in this activity. The resource person of this workshop was Stefani Verona Indi Andani, S.Gz, a graduate from Faculty of Public Health, Airlangga University.

Participants were facilitated to develop initiatives to overcome the constraints experienced by each school in organizing healthy and innovative canteens in schools. As a follow-up, the solution to the existing constraints will be applied to minimize the obstacles that exist in the implementation of a healthy canteen.